Lisa has a vision of opening EPIC, a reentry home and center that will be dedicated to providing men formerly incarcerated in Massachusetts state prisons with an exceptionally supportive transition to independent living through a holistic wellness approach. The IRS recently granted 501(c)3 status to EPIC. Lisa is now looking to partner with individuals and organizations to bring her vision to life.

Lisa’s ideas for EPIC began while working at Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center, the men’s maximum security prison in Massachusetts, where she witnessed the devastating impact of prison life on the men incarcerated.

From her work with men inside, Lisa understands that incarcerated individuals are frequently survivors of traumatic childhoods marked by chaos, violence, and systemic oppression. Prisons -- designed to punish through deprivation -- provide scant opportunity for much-needed healing. As a clinician, Lisa observed the anxiety men experience anticipating a return to society. Men trying to reintegrate into the community after spending years incarcerated face multifaceted and intense challenges, including financial instability, homelessness, and a reliance on dysfunctional behaviors developed through a lifetime of negative experiences. Her work within the prison system inspired EPIC and its unique approach to reentry.

Lisa recognizes that an individual’s mind and body need to heal after serving years in state prison. The program will emphasize the importance of wellness through a holistic approach grounded in positive community, mindfulness, exercise, plant-based nutrition, and a sense of purpose. Where prison is characterized by deprivation, EPIC will be designed to provide the opposite; a place to nourish the human spirit.

EPIC's mission is to support men formerly imprisoned as they develop skills to thrive as healthy, productive and contributing members of society. Lisa and EPIC’s board of directors are seeking partnerships to help this important project get off the ground. Please send an email to lisa@epicresidence.org to learn more.