Social Worker

Criminal Justice Advocate

Lisa Newman-Polk, Esq. LCSW, is a lawyer, licensed certified social worker, and a dedicated advocate for prison reform and ending the criminalization of drugs and addiction. 

Listen to Lisa on the podcast Hi-Phi Nation and NPR's On Point, discussing Commonwealth v. Eldred, a Massachusetts case that received national attention in which she argued against incarcerating drug-addicted probationers for relapse. The court ruled against Eldred but did not address the issue at the heart of the case: whether it's constitutional to punish a drug-addicted probationer for experiencing relapse when relapse is a symptom of the probationer's substance use disorder. See Lisa's post-decision conversation on NECN's The Take

Lisa continues to advocate for improving health outcomes and public safety by ending the inhumane and counterproductive court practice of incarcerating people for relapse. Her advocacy efforts led to recently filed legislation (S.937 & H.1343). For more information click here.

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P.O. Box 329, Ayer, MA 01432