Social Worker

Criminal Justice Advocate


Lisa Newman-Polk, Esq. LCSW, is a lawyer, licensed certified social worker, and a dedicated advocate for prison reform and ending the criminalization of drugs and addiction. 

Listen to Lisa on the podcast Hi-Phi Nation and NPR's On Point, discussing Commonwealth v. Eldred, a Massachusetts case that received national attention in which she argued against incarcerating drug-addicted probationers for relapse. The court ruled against Eldred but did not address the issue at the heart of the case: Whether it's constitutional to punish a drug-addicted probationer for experiencing relapse, when relapse is a symptom of the probationer's substance use disorder.  Lisa continues to advocate for improving health outcomes and public safety by ending this inhumane and counterproductive court practice.  See Lisa's post-decision conversation on NECN's The Take

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