Areas of Practice

Criminal Defense

Lisa Newman-Polk is an experienced litigator who has represented several hundred individuals charged with felony and misdemeanor crimes in the district and superior courts in counties across Massachusetts.  Lisa has advanced special litigation issues, challenging the constitutionality of statutes and court practices. 

A tireless attorney respected for her strong, strategic and relentless criminal defense, Lisa effectively handles all aspects of representation, including arraignments, bail hearings, dangerousness hearings, motions to suppress, and trials.  She also represents individuals accused of violating conditions of probation.  Additionally, she advises individuals who have been subpoenaed to testify at trial and have concerns regarding self-incrimination.  Lisa works with experienced investigators and experts, and advises her clients carefully on when to retain such services.

If you have been charged with a crime, contact Lisa Newman-Polk prior to arraignment (when possible) to discuss the best strategy moving forward. 

Parole Hearings

Lisa Newman-Polk represents incarcerated individuals at hearings before the Massachusetts Parole Board, advocating for their release back into the community.  As a former mental health clinician in the Department of Correction, Lisa understands the unique challenges prisoners face during incarceration and has a great appreciation for the life stories of her clients.  Through the parole hearing process, she ensures that the interests and rights of her clients are fully protected and advanced in the effort to achieve parole.  As part of her representation, Lisa writes a memorandum to the Board, contextualizing her clients' criminal conduct and progress towards rehabilitation.  She further guides her clients in their presentation to the Board after reviewing institutional records, court records, and most importantly, hours of conversations with her clients, as well as their families and friends.  

Substance Use & Other Mental Health Conditions

Defendants charged with alcohol and other substance-related crimes are frequently ordered to abide by special conditions of pretrial or post-disposition probation.  The specific conditions set by a judge can be critical to a person’s ability to complete probation without violations and incarceration.  Lisa collaborates with her clients to determine the conditions best suited to ensure success on probation.  As a licensed clinical social worker who previously treated individuals with substance use and other mental health disorders, she understands that many people caught up in the criminal justice system are suffering from addiction and other psychiatric conditions deserving of compassion and a firmly nonjudgmental stance.  She has a reputation for treating her clients and their families with the respect and empathy they deserve.